About Us

Monica Duling

Monica Duling is the Owner and Laundry Superhero of Laundry Liberator. She loves helping people take a load off by eliminating the once tedious chore of laundry. Monica has spent over 8 years in the laundry industry, gaining experience in areas such as stain removal, material care, and discovering where all the socks go! While rescuing people from hours of laundry is her primary job by day, at night you can find her meticulously working on beating those pesky stains and saving the people of Bozeman, one load at a time.

Monica was raised in Tennessee and ventured out to Bozeman over 8 years ago, where she now lives with her sister (a fellow Laundry Superhero) and her faithful dog Baela. Baela is a beautiful norwegian elkhound and the perfect sidekick! Monica was recently elected as Sponsorship Chair in the local chapter of Business & Professional Women, BPW for short, and in her free time she enjoys kayaking, camping and exploring new places with her pup.

Sarah English

A self-described music fanatic, Sarah English is a Laundry Superhero committed to defeating the evil sock stealing gnomes. She has spent the last year and a half creating laundry magic, and is currently most passionate about the work she is doing and the effect it has on the people around her. As a previous food service champion, Sarah has developed a unique perspective when it comes to customer service and the ability to leave clients smiling every time. Influenced by her sister's passion and determination to save the world from never ending piles of laundry, Sarah aspires to conquer Bozeman, Belgrade, and then the world in the next stages of her career.

Sarah was also raised in Tennessee, but could hear the laundry calling all the way from Montana. Upon arriving in Bozeman, she quickly found her place working with people whom she now calls friends and family. When she is not busy saving the world, Sarah enjoys kayaking on open water, spending time surrounded by all the puppies she can handle, and cruising around enjoying the countryside.