Laundry to Pounds estimator

Q: I don't normally do my laundry 'by the pound', I do it by the load. Can you help me estimate how much a typical load of laundry will cost me?

A: Sure! Obviously this will change from season to season (light fleece weighs so much less than heavy jeans) but we find that a short rectangular laundry basket full (not overflowing or piled above the top) costs about $25-$35 on average.

Q: Do you weigh the laundry before or after it's washed and dried?

A: We calculate your total after washing, drying, and folding your laundry. So, no, you aren't paying for any dirt you send me. Just the finished product.

Q: What about the really dirty stuff? Like jeans that have mucked out horse stalls or ... heaven forbid... when the stomach flu just circulated our house?

A: Oh, no problem! I have clients that send us everything and anything. We even do cloth diapers! We wear gloves to sort and pre-treat, and we sanitize all equipment before and after each use. We do always appreciate a heads up for particularly dirty loads (ie, the bag of bedding from when your child got the stomach flu) but we're happy to take it all and deliver it back fresh and clean the next day.

Q: We're allergic to certain detergents, can I request something specific?

A: Yes you can! We have multiple clients that request hypoallergenic detergents, and a vinegar rinse in place of fabric softener. They have been very happy with our service, and you can rest assured that we will always follow your preferences.

Q: Do I have to supply all my own detergents?

A: No, we offer a wide variety of scented and scent-free options. If you have something specific you like, we do ask that you supply it, but in most circumstances we have what you need.

Q: Is it okay if I change how much I give you from week to week?

A: Sure! We have a $20 minimum order, but beyond that we understand that life changes! If you need to skip a week, feel free to just shoot us a text or use our contact form.