I can't say enough good things about Monica and Laundry Liberator! Speed. consistency, and always perfectly done laundry are just a few of the ways I would describe this service! No more lugging my clothes up and down stairs, waiting at the laundromat, and the dreaded folding. It's all taken care of and the most "work" I put into my laundry now is to put it in a basket to give to them on pick up days! Monica is always friendly with my pups and takes care of all of our laundry, bedding, even the dog blankets. I'm so grateful that I found Laundry Liberator and just love passing her purple van all around town!

Krys K.

As an acupuncturist, I go through a lot of sheets and face cradle covers! Monica makes it so easy for me to do my work and she always has a smile to share. On the very rare occasion that something is amiss, she makes it right - fast. Thanks, Monica and the Laundry Liberator team. You rock!

Angie K.

This is a FANTASTIC service!!! I am so excited about my laundry! :) Service was fantastic, my clothes are fresh smelling and folded perfectly! Monica is my new Favorite Super Hero!!

Erin B.

Fantastic service! Monica was great to work with and pays attention to all the details. Having all my bulky bedding picked up washed folded and returned by the next day was a huge time saver.

Kari A.

I LOVE this service. Monica is fantastic. She is incredibly personable and makes the whole thing so simple and easy. I recently moved here and ended up with a HUGE amount of laundry from that. She took every bit of it and returned it the very next day so neatly, organized, and CLEAN. She even took the time to group together my clothes by type. I have never had clothes folded this well and so easy to put away. She genuinely cares for this community which is very admirable to me! I will continue to use her service for as long as it is available! Bottom line, great service, fantastic time frame, and reasonably priced! USE HER.

Johanna A.

If you're busy and just can't get it all done this week, give Laundry Liberator a call! It's so helpful to know you've got the option when you need it!

Jennifer C.

Out business would be lost with out the Laundry Liberator! They are timely, thorough, and a joy to work with. I can't recommend them enough!

Bronwyn B.

Have you guys ever wanted someone to pick up your laundry and do it for you? I didn't know that it could be so useful until I tried it! Now I love it! I use Laundry Liberator for my business and my personal home! Monica is absolutely incredible! She's quick, pays great attention to detail and has been able to get items clean that I never thought I could! Highly recommend her company to EVERYONE!

Halie F.

So convenient and easy! Thanks for serving Gallatin Gateway! We live spending that time with our young kids instead of doing laundry. Much appreciated!

Danielle S.